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Advanced Google Integration in the 21st Century Classroom RCC-305AMelissa Ligh • Shaun Bock Adventure Awaits! Creating and Collaborating with Makey Makey RCC-302BCandace Biecker • Shelly Haskell Best Practices to Increase Your Instructional Uptime RCC-202Eric Ogden • Trinity3 Technology • Trinity3 Technology Blended Learning: Make the Perfect Instructional and Learning Smoothie RCC-306CGladys Johnson • Ryann McKay Building Robots to Build Relationships RCC-306AStephanie Witten • Kasey Barnes Digital Portfolios with Seesaw and Google Sites #appsmashtastic RCC-303Aubrey DiOrio • Caitlin McCommons Endless Engagement for the K-5 Classroom RCC-307Kristina Swift • Ashley Talbott Engage, Motivate, and Excite Your Students with Interactive Lessons RCC-206Bryan Greer • Nearpod EnVISION This...Student Engagement with Digital Locks! RCC-402Caitlin Carmendy • Erin Trahan Esports: From the Ground Up RCC-204Jeff Palumbo Ignite Learning with iPad RCC-201Apple Intro to Pear Deck (Microsoft) Marriott-ChancellorSachelle Dorencamp • Erin Holland • Christy Torres • PearDeck • Pear Deck Let the Battle Begin! An Engaging Form of Assessment RCC-301ACaitlin Monroe Making Virtual a Reality: VR in the classroom RCC-301BLeigh Armistead • Suzanne Hinesley Music Creation in the Digital Classroom RCC-305BGrayson Bedenbaugh • Heather Wilson • Don Humphries Personalized Learning Paths for Littles RCC-304April Miller • Betsy Draper Promethean Escape Room RCC-Exhibit Hall Seeing Clearly What Our Students Know: Engaging Assessment Choices for 3-8th Graders RCC-306BJaymie Boose • Maranda Nussbaum Sending Out an SOS (Spotlight on Strategies) Marriott-Congressional A & BKelly Hines • Discovery Education The Makerspace Movement is Real Awesome: Linking the "Old School Crafty" with New Age Technology RCC-302CLauren Harabin Using Creativity Tools to Enhance, Extend, and Empower RCC-203Curtss Strietelmeier • CDWG • CDWG Using Google Classroom to facilitate collaboration, feedback, and executive functioning support. RCC-302ARachel Lawrence DLI Innovation Academy: Growing Design Thinkers Across K-12 Classrooms Sheraton-Hannover 1Steve Johnson • Lee Ann Holmes Using Expeditions for Equity Sheraton-Governors 2Shonda Hairston #GridPlans: Flipgrid Your Sub Plans Marriott-State Ballroom BHeather Kaiser • Tanya Churchill • Kyle Hamstra Coaching for Equity Sheraton-Hannover 2Dr. Patricia Hilliard • Blake Wiggs Increase Productivity: Strategies and Tools to Transform Your Workflow Sheraton-Governors 1Katie Heywood Leading the Way: Personalized Learning in Catawba County Schools Sheraton-Oak Forest BStacy Lovdahl • DeAnna Finger The Art and Science of Presenting Sheraton-Hannover 3Wanda Hanley • Jennifer Fine Understanding Data Privacy Sheraton-Oak Forest AMarlo Gaddis • Allison Reid Applied Digital Skills - Google's Free Tech Skills Curriculum for all Subjects Marriott-State Ballroom DEric Curts Let's Get Real Marriott-University AJason Mammano • Katherine Leatherman Students as Creators: Building a Classroom Culture Conducive to Creativity Marriott-University CBrittany Miller Supercharged Literacy: Strategies and Digital Tools to Support Content Area Literacy Marriott-State Ballroom CWeston Kieschnick Build a Simple Microscope and Keep it! Marriott-State Ballroom ABob Goldstein Sketchnotes: Tools and Tactics for Visual Notetaking RCC-Ballroom CMatt Miller


"Cellphone Drop" RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 41Ashley Smalls • Lorna Tobias "Digital Portfolio Reflections: Easy as ABC, Simple as 123" RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 8Renee White "Our Environment" RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 42Mark Sciborski • Renita Griffin-Jordan 1st Grade Digital Portfolios RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 16Kami Esterline 4Cs + Technology = 2020 Vision RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 6Rhesia Mitchell • Sharon Hart Animated Animal Habitats RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 3Karen Proctor • Julie Martois-Kinsey Blind to see without technology: An expose on NC Environmental Issues RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table # 40Heather Pennica • Charles Harris Bugging Out! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 10Evelene Hickey Busy Bees RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 12Emily Brady Class Notebooks + Papercuits Visions = Lightbulb Moments! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 37Mary Patricia Peres-da-Silva Coding Micro:Bits to Take Book Reports Into 2020 RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 33Caren Long • Jennifer King Coding with CoSpaces: Bringing Learning to Life at Elise Middle School RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 35Carrie Robledo • Jan Carriker DASHing into March Madness RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 13Traci Maness • Melissa Cox Digital Interactive Notebooks RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 21Kim Collins • Jennifer Hawkins Digital Storytelling through Scratch Coding RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table # 38Laura Richardson • Spencer Williams EarSight: Using Flipgrid as an Assistive Technology Tool for Visually Impaired Students RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 36Carrie Robledo Envision This: Read, Record & Reflect to Assess! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 39Laura Richardson • Sharon Cuffee EV3 Robots & Literacy RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 32Emily Law Fourth Graders teach tech to the future… First Graders! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 1Terri Hawley • Cindy Fields Geo-Animal Digital Zoo RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 30Janet Glasgow • Alexis Saint-Cyr Global Coding Vision Comes True RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 5manda stiegel • James Shuler Grooving with Spheros RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 31Sherry Parrish HighTech High - Student-Led Tech Support Services RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 44Elizabeth Doerfler • Cynthia Blake How Its Made 2.0 RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 27Celeste Young • Stacy Koster Interactive Frog Habitats RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 15Missi Baker • samantha pope Knowledge=Love+Light+Vision RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 22Jessica Rhodes • Stephanie Queen Lead the Way and TAKE ACTION! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 28Kim Holland • Stephanie Moore MakeyMaking It From Scratch: A Recipe for Creativity RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 7MaryLu Ringwood • Julia Strickland Poverty at a Glance RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 34Nicole Silvers • Sasha Wooddell Seesaw with ELs RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 2Andreya Gomez Soaring Through Books With STEM RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 11Meredith Pfeifer Special Alert: A Message from your HSES Weather Experts RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 18Joanna Cook • Kristen Nix Storybots! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 9Shandy Dunlap Student Leaders with Vision RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 45Crystal Pullen Students Can: Lead Edcamps! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 20Lisa Poirier • Jenna Stillwell Text Trips: Using Google My Maps to Document Literary Text Adventures RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 14Eileen Galligan • Jennifer Lozada The Future of Science is a ‘Bot To Be Buggin’ RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 19Alvna McBride • Kristin Ross Uncovering Our Past to 4C Our Future RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 17Lindsay Vollmin • Holly Hubbard Vision of the Future Through the Lens of the Past RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 29Michelle Woosley • Ashley Shaffer Visionary Dream Team RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 25Amy Hendrickson • Kristin Poe We Built This City RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 4Ashley Clark • Lauren Rhodes What's That We See? AR and VR with the Merge Cube RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 23Tiffany Trent • Alison LeSueur Your Health Code RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 43Alycia Worthy • Teebeh Tah “Snickers of Magic” ~ A Vision to Improve Social and Emotional Health in Elementary Students RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 26Kristen Hackbarth • Michele Wilson


DLI Innovation Academy: Building Educator Capacity Sheraton-Hannover 1Kelly Garcia • Jeremy Shaw "Merging" into Augmented Reality RCC-302AStacy Lovdahl • Amanda Moose 20/20 - 20 Instructional Strategies & 20 Digital Tools RCC-304Yu'Vonne James A Journey to Microcredentialing RCC-306ASabrina Jenkins • Richard McGoogan Applying UDL principles to Technology Enhanced Instruction RCC-203Olivia Peeler • Beth Oyarzun • UNC Charlotte Beyond Flipped: Mastery Based Learning Using High and Low Tech Solutions RCC-402Spencer Hope Davis Data Visualization - A Scientific Approach to the Art of English RCC-305AMelody Casey Edpuzzle: How to make any video your lesson RCC-204Edpuzzle • Edpuzzle Every Teacher Needs Bifocals RCC-307Delaina Bryan • Monica Smith Gadgets RCC-Ballroom ALeslie Fisher Ignite Learning with iPad RCC-201Apple Ignite STE(A)M Days: Enhancement Teachers Support ELA Themes RCC-301BShanda Edwards, PhD • Tammy Hedgepeth, M.Ed., M.A. Intro to Pear Deck for Google Slides Marriott-ChancellorDarcy Grimes • PearDeck • Pear Deck Kick the Cookie Cutter Science Labs RCC-301AEmily Lahr (Nelson) Launch Your Learning Through Student Reflection: Seesaw in Grades K-2 RCC-306CLindsay Ingle • Charlene Hassler Literacy Mazes with Dash RCC-303Kelly Crews • Jessica Hathcock Making Makey Makey Work For You RCC-306BMatthew Jones Nifty Fifty in 3D (Introduction to 3D design) RCC-302BRebecca Burry Pineapple PD - Building a culture of trust, learning, and collaboration for rapidly changing teaching contexts RCC-305BDylan Eyre Promethean Escape Room RCC-Exhibit Hall Tech-ifying Your Instructional Strategies Marriott-Congressional A & BKelly Hines Techquity: Creating Learning Environments For Sustainability, Equity and Access RCC-Ballroom BKen Shelton The Importance of School Safety Preparedness RCC-202John Semberger • Bridgetek Solutions LLC Upgrade Canvas with These Free Resources RCC-302CJacob Standish • Justin Keene Our Journey to a STEAM² Magnet Sheraton-Governors 2Courtney Clapp • Elizabeth Angell • Channing Bennett



#nextlevel Makerspace RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 29Sarah Girbach • Pat Waff A Recipe for Authentic Learning RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 43Benjamin Butchart • Alexis Greer A Vision of Coding In Our Community - Bit-by-Bit RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 34Dr. Tonya Little • Tamika Keys-McPherson Aortic Explorer: A Cardiovascular Tale RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 28Michelle Lee • Jennifer Gayford Beyond the Book Cover - We'll Take You There! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 30Marsha Sirkin Bringing Code to Life with Circuit Board Programming RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 32Michele Lee Bugg Center for Design and Computer Sciences Block-Based Programmers RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 2Greg Rutheny Choosing A Path To Digital Learning RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 10Lori Cavaco • Glenn Pascarella Code Dashers: Bringing Novels to Life RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 18Erin Tyson • Kelly Makepeace Community Through the Lens of Entrepreneurship RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 19Lisa Brittain • Meredith Huret Conquering the World One Brick at a Time! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 27Magen Myers • Tara Bagwell Create and Collaborate with a New Reality! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 22Loree McCurry • Becky Goddard Creating Podcasts RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 25Felecia Washington • Jessica Armstrong Digital Game Designers RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 5Alisa McCollum • Jennifer Joyner Digital Music: Teaching Music in Our Digital World RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 40Don Humphries Electric Posters RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 15Erin Wasko • Sarah Duris FLL City Shapers, We Rise! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 33Tamika Keys-McPherson Get Coding in Kindergarten and First Grade RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 26Brittany Denning • Hollie Humphreys Global Escape Room RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 1Daniel Flack • Janna Shoffner Google Drawing and Integrating EL RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 24Jessica Armstrong • Chelsea Hoag Integrating Literacy with Technology RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 3Carrie Gisondi Lights, Camera, READ! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 23Bridgett Hayes Make Movies! Turn your classroom into a production studio in 5 easy steps! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 39Andrea DeGette Opening Eyes through Robotics RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 12Ashton McGuire • Teneeka Hanna Otter Overhaul: Using Google Sketchup to Envision the Library of Our Future RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 21Karen Jordan-Jarrett • Katherine Caflisch Podcasting in the Elementary Classroom RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 13Brittany Packer Pourquoi Tales with Scratch Jr. RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 7Adrian Oliver Robots Cashing In! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 14Andrea Hough • Robyn Drake See the Bigger Picture: Using CBL & DT to Create Authentic Work RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 44Miranda File • Emily Freeman Setting Sail on a Classroom Voyage RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 17Danielle Stewart • Sharon Gilbert Student Video Designers Bring Your Creative Vision to Life RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 41Melissa McNeilly • Jamie Lord Tech-Yes Music Lab RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 16Melissa Taylor • Emma Crumpler Technology and Bilingual Learners RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 36Linda Steber • Melanie Anderson The Great Garden Project RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 11Kathy Pesce • Amanda Swengros Through the Eyes of a Historical Figure RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 9Lori Cavaco • Laura Knott TikTok! It's Time to Sell Yearbooks! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 38Jamie Revill United States Regions from the inside out RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 20 Using Coding & Robotics to enhance the 4 C’s in the Classroom RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 8Shannon Norton • Sherry Ballentine Virtual Escape Room RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 37Marva Burrell-Smith • Zahiah Sarsour Want Perfect Vision? WeVideo! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 42Judy Uhrig • Laura Lyons Who's Ready for a Roadtrip? RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 4M. Wells • Jayme Terry Wow Presentations! RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 35Angela Atkinson “2020 Vision: Lights, Fashion, Music!” Visionaries of the Arts (VOA) RCC-Exhibit Hall A-Table 6Nerissa Gilchrist • Quintin Neal


Activate Student Thinking RCC-204Connie Warren • Mentoring Minds • Mentoring Minds Apple Refresh Done Right RCC-206Lynne Kivimaki Best Practices to Increase Your Instructional Uptime RCC-202Eric Ogden • Trinity3 Technology • Trinity3 Technology Coding for Content: Infusing Computational Thinking in a Rural School District RCC-304Thomas Loftin Creating with Chromebooks - Sharing a Few of our Favorite Creation Ideas RCC-305ASuzanne Blaszak Film Festival : Keeping it Reel RCC-302CJessica Tucker Gimkit Brings Reviewing to a Whole New Level! RCC-302AKelly Schuler Hindsight is 20/20 - Foresight is #Hashtag180 RCC-302BKyle Hamstra • Heather Kaiser Hot Topics With Discovery Education.... Marriott-Congressional A & BKelly Hines How Mastery-Based Learning Empowers Students to Drive their Own Learning: An Equitable Learning System RCC-303Molly Nealeigh Ignite Learning with iPad RCC-201Apple K-2 Coding and Robotics RCC-402Rebecca Wyant • Vern Guarino Promethean Escape Room RCC-Exhibit Hall Ready-to-teach: Pear Deck Templates Marriott-ChancellorPearDeck • Mary Alys Foutz • Pear Deck Seesaw: This Changes Everything! RCC-305BJamie Turnage • Mikayla LeCates Start with STEAM turn it to STREAM RCC-306BToni Luther • Martha Levey STEMify ELA To Engage Young Readers RCC-306CMaryLu Ringwood • Jennier Griffin The Digital Pirate: “TECH Like a PIRATE RCC-Ballroom BMatt Miller The Google You Might Not Know About RCC-Ballroom ALeslie Fisher Tune into the Text- a close reading alternative RCC-306ACarrie Vaughan • Katie Barnes Universal Design for Learning Tools in a Digital Classroom RCC-203Jeffrey Levinson • Texthelp • Texthelp Using Technology To Go Gradeless in the Classrooom RCC-301BKevin Aycock Video Killed the Media Literacy Star: How to determine Fact Vs Fiction In a World Where Seeing is No Longer Believing RCC-Ballroom CDarren Hudgins • Jennifer LaGarde DLI Innovation Academy: "Go and See" Personalized Learning Sheraton-Hannover 1Amie Caudle • Ashley Holshouser • Sally Shultz • Taylor Boice What can NC CoSN do for you? Sheraton-Governors 2Marlo Gaddis • Scott Smith Disrupting High Schools Through Design Sheraton-Governors 1Meredith Williams Don’t Type At Me Like That: Interpersonal Skills and Virtual Collaboration Sheraton-Hannover 3Phil Echols Leading Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Every Day Sheraton-Oak Forest BDr. Mary Ann Wolf • Alex Dreier Mindset for Maker: Access for ALL Students Sheraton-Oak Forest ATanya Churchill • Kurt Hurelbrink • Annette Hymel Using Digital Portfolios to Encourage Metacognitive Learning Sheraton-Hannover 2 3D Design for Learning! - How Designing "Things" Can Make Your Students More Confident and Creative Learners Marriott-University BChris Goodson 5 Ways to Get the Most out of Google Drawing Marriott-State Ballroom DManuel Herrera Breaking the Digital Barrier: Creating Buy-In Among Digital Stakeholders Marriott-State Ballroom BMeredith Clay • Erin Roberts CAMPFIRE: Math and Technology Marriott-State Ballroom A Libraries Around the World Marriott-University CJessica Esposito • Melissa Canter Yes, Yes, Yes! Live stream with YouTube and OBS! Marriott-University ADanny Houser • Erin Wolfhope Technology Accessibility For All Marriott-State Ballroom CMark Samberg


App Smackdown 2.0: Tools for Assessment & the 4 C’s RCC-304Becky Goddard • Jennifer Hall • Wanda Hanley APPly Knowledge in a New Way! Build your own Apps with no Coding Knowledge using Google Sheets RCC-305AChris Beneck • Katie Johnson Book Tastings with a Side of Technology RCC-302CPaula Farmer • Monica Smith Catch Flipgrid Fever in STEM RCC-305BHazel Lewis • Kevin Roberts Cracking the Codes with Digital Breakouts RCC-306BLilian Corbitt • Kristin White Custom Digital Displays on a Shoestring Budget RCC-301BJustin Wylie Digital Portfolios: Easy as ABC, Simple as 123 RCC-303Renee White Document your capacity to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Get started in 30 minutes! RCC-204Lynette Brehm • Gradient Cyber EdTech Coaching: Survival 101 RCC-402Allison Barfield • Charmeer Raindrop Expanding beyond the classroom with ebooks & audiobooks RCC-206Jody Brookshire EXPERIENCE What's NEW at Discovery Education! Marriott-Congressional A & BKelly Hines Flashcard Factory Lightning Rounds: redefine how your students learn vocabulary! Marriott-ChancellorPearDeck • Wendy McElhinny • Laura Armfield • Pear Deck Getting the DL on the DLS (Digital Learning Standards) RCC-306AStacy Lovdahl • Mollee Holloman Ignite Learning with iPad RCC-201Apple Interact, Collaborate, and Engage! RCC-202Daniel Brisson • Cleartouch • Cleartouch No STEM Lab? No Problem! RCC-302BCarrie Robledo Promethean Escape Room RCC-Exhibit Hall Read It - Think It - Make It: Book to Movie Process in the Classroom RCC-307Beverly Litke • Julia Kraft Surfing the Webb: Deep Learning with Tech and DoK RCC-Ballroom BMatt Miller TECHequity: Leveraging Technology Tools in the Classroom to Promote Equity for All Students RCC-301APam Cabe Tools You Can Use Tomorrow RCC-Ballroom ALeslie Fisher Using #GridPals to Reach Beyond School Walls RCC-302ALucy Wilcox Welcome to the Jungle!- App Smashing and Green Screens with Littles RCC-306CShelly Haskell DLI Innovation Academy: Its Personal, Using Data to Personalize Learning Sheraton-Hannover 1Angie Sigmon • Julie Bowman • Emily Sauceda • Megan Coffey If you don’t tell your Story, Someone else will, and they’ll get it WRONG: Strategic Marketing for Schools and Districts Sheraton-Governors 2Andrew Smith



20/20 Virtual Vision-Creating your own Google Expeditions RCC-306CSherry Wood Boost Academic Engagement with Physical Activity: Walk, Listen, and Learn! RCC-203Natalie Dekle • The Walking Classroom Concept to Classroom: GarageBand RCC-302CPaul Huggins Dashing through the Arts! RCC-305BMandy Love Digital Engagement Protocols RCC-306BBarbara Vinal • Walt Tallman • Chris Zirkle DLC's are for Specialist Teachers, Too! RCC-306AJackie Tingen • Christine Avery Empower: What Happens When Students Own the Learning RCC-Ballroom BJohn Spencer Experience the Power of Design Thinking in the Classroom! RCC-402Jerry Yale • Anna Dooley Google Extensions and Apps that all Teachers Need RCC-Ballroom CDean Phillips • Jeff Crews Hey Ma! I Met a Polar Bear Today! Marriott-Congressional A & BKelly Hines Increase Student Engagement by Bridging the Physical and the Digital RCC-302BLori Zeman • Justin Pierce Increasing Student Engagement with Smart Filtering and Teacher-Level Filtering RCC-204Roy Button Intro to Pear Deck for Google Slides Marriott-ChancellorPearDeck • Kortney Shearin • Pear Deck Making Connections through Skype RCC-301ARosanna Bare No Locks Needed! RCC-303Heather Fulbright • Amber Proctor Our STEAM Journey: Navigating Grants, People and Resources RCC-307Jessica Dupree • Kris Gorman Promethean Escape Room RCC-Exhibit Hall Simplify Your Education Software with Union County Public Schools RCC-206Casey Rimmer • Keith Holland • Justin Stevermer • Camcor • SMART Technologies Student-Led STEM: STEM Buddies and More! RCC-302ALeeAnn Perry Technology Tool to Develop Reading Comprehension RCC-301BCharmona Whitfield The View: Encouraging all Kids to Chatty Kathys (or Kens) RCC-305AJen Boysko Using Screencastify to Amp Up Google Forms, Slides, and Classroom RCC-304Leslie Pope Your District's Golden Ticket RCC-202Chuck Mancuso • Hayes Software Systems 🎩🎴 Google Slides Magic Tricks RCC-Ballroom ADee Lanier Building an Innovative Tech PLN Sheraton-Governors 2Grayson Bedenbaugh • Heather Wilson • Ruth Wilson Student Centered Learning: Why? What? How? Sheraton-Hannover 1Emma Braaten CAMPFIRE: ELA and Technology Marriott-University C CAMPFIRE: Science and Technology Marriott-University A CAMPFIRE: Social Studies/History and Technology Marriott-State Ballroom D Finding Your Path: Navigate the World of Personalized Learning Marriott-State Ballroom BEmily Sauceda • Amber Humphrey Interactive Word Walls: How Augmented Reality Can Modify What your Students See Marriott-State Ballroom ADinah Poteat • Amanda Sigmon What Did They Say? “Harnessing the power of listening to increase student engagement and comprehension” Marriott-University BChris Beneck Clearly See Your Data Using Tableau Marriott-State Ballroom CMark Samberg


2020 Mediums for Social Studies RCC-306CBrittany Beckham • Angela Russell • Heather Wilson A Recipe for Authentic Learning RCC-304Benjamin Butchart • Alexis Greer Breaking Out of the Classroom with Digital Breakouts RCC-402Joanie Williams • Allyson Medlin • Sue Tobin Bring History to Life with Digital Projects RCC-305ABethany Thompson • Travis Childers Deck Toys - Lesson Gamification RCC-302ALeAnne Wolford • Caleigh Daigle Digital Peace: Find It – Teach It with Digital Citizenship RCC-202Dr Jeff Ertzberger Don't Google A Breakout-Make One! RCC-301BAshley Peterson • Rebecca Adler Free Student-Led Repair Center/Self-Maintainer Software RCC-203Scott Pierce Gardening to Engage All Learners: A Guide to School Gardens and Technology RCC-305BLauren Weaver Going Rogue With Microsoft RCC-Ballroom ALeslie Fisher How RSS saves time and streamlines edtech with Clever RCC-206Corey McNeill • Federico Velarde • Clever Legends of the Hidden Outcomes RCC-306ASarah Cardwell • Mitzi London Project Based Learning for All RCC-Ballroom BJohn Spencer Project Based Learning: Eliminating Initiative Fatigue RCC-306BEmily Warnke Promethean Escape Room RCC-Exhibit Hall Ready-to-teach: Pear Deck Templates Marriott-ChancellorMadeline Benfield • Brandy Moody • PearDeck • Pear Deck Regenerative Habitat Design Lab-a hands-on PBL approach to building resilience, resistance and the communities of the future. RCC-2043DuxDesign STEM is Virtually Everywhere in Discovery Education Marriott-Congressional A & BKelly Hines Storytelling for the YouTube Generation RCC-307Nick LaFave Student Voice Through Seesaw and Flipgrid RCC-302CAubrey DiOrio • Caitlin McCommons Take a Deep Dive into Design Thinking RCC-301ADarcy Grimes The STREAM Studio: How it Happened and What Happens Now! RCC-303Lisa Maples Using the DLC’s to Drive Personalized Learning RCC-302BJordan Caldwell • Jason Hoyle • Jennifer Greene


Friday, March 6



"Appy Hour" - A Fun Way to Excite Teachers About New Technology RCC-306CMarli Boyd • Caryn Perry ARe you ready for VeRy otherworldly 3D experiences? Adventures into AR/VR RCC-301BMatt Wolf • Will Allred Bring Research into Focus RCC-303Jennifer Northrup Did You See That? AR & VR in the Classroom RCC-302BJennifer Hall Discourse in a Digital World: Finding a Voice in the 21st Century RCC-301ANathan Munson e-hallpass and FlexTime Manager RCC-201e-hallpass by Eduspire Solutions Engaging Students in Science and Social Studies RCC-306BCarissa Steere • Teri Hawley Fantastic Feedback Tools for Google Docs RCC-Ballroom AEric Curts Flipping out over FlipHunts- Getting Innovative with FlipGrid! RCC-302CKatie Johnson • Lesli Ducasse Google Tools You can Use in your Classroom Now! RCC-402Megann Huggins How to Differentiate Instruction and be home by 4pm RCC-204Renaissance Is Student Engagement a Challenge in your Classroom? RCC-206Merri Bragg • Lightspeed Technologies, Inc. Lets Get Personal!! Digital Tools for Personalized Learner Profiles, Learning Paths and Assessment RCC-304Marley Knapp • Maggie Dupree • Kaye Williams Seeing Clearly with Bitmoji in the Classroom RCC-302ALeslye Long Set Your Sights on Funding RCC 307Sara Levin • Kelly Zimmerman Sharing may be caring, but what about student data? RCC-203Jeremy Crouthamel • Clever Stop Motion Animation Across the Curriculum RCC 305BJayne Stevens • Sara Mofford The New Norm RCC-202Remind The Rising Tide: How Middle Grade Students Use Technology to Design a Floating City RCC-305ATamika Keys-McPherson • Dr. Tonya Little What's Next?: Predicting The Future About School Libraries and Then Taking The Steps To Create It RCC-Ballroom BJennifer LaGarde NC Digital Learning Standards Sheraton-Hannover 1Kathy Parker Create a Vision for Coaching with the ISTE Standards for Coaches Marriott-State Ballroom ADr. Ruth Okove Change: What is it good for? Sheraton-Governors 1April DeBord Choose Your Adventure: Navigating Copyright and Fair Use in Schools: Sheraton-Oak Forest AKendra Allen • Susan Bock Coaching Digital Learning for Maximum Impact Sheraton-Hannover 2Jaclyn B. Stevens Making Time for SEL and Learning Differences to Support the Needs of All Students - Centennial Middle School Sheraton-Hannover 3Dr. Mary Ann Wolf • Shannon Bowman • Alex Dreier Working with Administration to Understand the NC Digital Learning Progress Rubrics Sheraton-Oak Forest BAshley McBride Create Good Looks at Data with Awesome Tables Marriott-University AErin Wolfhope Math Blended Learning - Come SEE What That LOOKS Like Marriott-University CCaitlin Carmendy • Erin Trahan There is a "Cricut" in the Classroom! Marriott-State Ballroom BMadeline Benfield • Brandy Moody Wrestling with Rigor Marriott-State Ballroom CShawna Andrews • Robert Batts X Marks the Spot: Google Tour Builder Marriott-University BAngie McClung • Amber Garvey 🔓⏰▶️ Solve in Time!✊🏽 Equity Edition RCC-Ballroom CDee Lanier


Addressing Literacy Standards Using Memes RCC-302ADave Hinrichs • Jaymee Gaskins B.L.E.N.D.E.D. Learning: Mixing Up Your Classroom RCC-301ARichard Westmoreland • Angela Westmoreland Best Practices to Increase Your Instructional Uptime RCC-203Eric Ogden • Trinity3 Technology • Trinity3 Technology Curating Content with PBS LearningMedia RCC-402Jason Lineberger Cyber Safety & Security: How Converging Technology Protects Students and Data in the Cloud RCC-206David Waugh • Managed Methods • Managed Methods Digitally Breaking Out Grades 4-12 RCC-301BSarah Lasater Eiler Easy Interactive Tools for the Collaborative Classroom RCC-305AAdam Wiseman Engage the iGeneration in Thinking Critically RCC-202Amanda Davis • Mentoring Minds • Mentoring Minds FLIP the Switch to Power Up: Achieve With Flipgrid RCC-306BJennifer Underhill • Tanya Churchill • Kyle Hamstra • Walt Tallman Flipping Brilliant RCC-302BMindee Mammano Getting to Know the ISTE Student Standards RCC-306CMelanie Farrell • Katherine Heywood Google Extensions and Applications to Support Special Education RCC-204Curtss Strietelmeier • CDWG • CDWG Integrating multiple technologies and student choice into content area lessons RCC-306ACarmen Brennan • Elizabeth Crowell Is the Squeeze Worth the Juice? Building a Classroom & School Beyond Two Scores RCC-Ballroom ADarren Hudgins K-5 Can Code Too! Breaking the Code in Elementary Schools RCC-302CMelissa Lynch • Catherine Lynch Not Your Boring Boss' Spreadsheets RCC-303Alexandria Keilen Rolling into a new Mathematical Reality with Sphero RCC-304Hannah Jimenez Simplify Your Education Software with Union County Public Schools RCC-201Casey Rimmer • Keith Holland • Justin Stevermer • Camcor • SMART Technologies Using Canvas to Promote Standards Mastery RCC-305BBrandon Austin Visual Storytelling, Creativity, and Design RCC-Ballroom BKen Shelton #GoOpenNC Hubs of Excitement: Comunities of OER Practice Sheraton-Hannover 1Amy Stanley • Pam Batchelor What Is Esports And How Do We Get Sarted with Competitive Gaming? Panel Discussion Sheraton-Governors 2Steve Isaacs • Lucas Gillispie • Dr. Ray Pastore Connect with AppleApple


#WhyWakelet: Capture, Share, Connect RCC-Exhibit HallKyle Hamstra App Smash 4.0: Using FlipGrid to Showcase Student Created Content through the Application of 4 Different iPad Apps RCC-Exhibit HallEmily Davis Application of cooperative learning components in digital learning RCC-Exhibit HallSheri Conklin • Daisyane Barreto Augmented Reality Escape Rooms: Give your Students the Ability to See Clues Hidden in Plain Sight! RCC-Exhibit HallAmanda Sigmon Bringing the Personalization into PD RCC-Exhibit HallLydia Allen Co-Teaching for the Real World RCC-Exhibit HallKymberly Melton Consuming and Creating VR and AR in the Classroom RCC-Exhibit HallDarcy Grimes Developing a Student Tech Team: Your In-House Helpers! RCC-Exhibit HallBarbara Vinal Digital Citizenship and Computational Thinking: Learning.com as a Tool RCC-Exhibit HallKaren Nichols • Jennifer Milton Education, Not Entertainment: VR and Virtual Field Trips as Tools for Deep Learning RCC-Exhibit HallCamille Tewell Envisioning Tech Options for Student Learning Paths RCC-Exhibit HallMelanie Winstead Getting the Most Out of Your OSMO RCC-Exhibit HallLisa Raynor • Kelli Crews Google Site PBL: Workshop Redefined RCC-Exhibit HallHeather Daughtery • Nicki Montague I have some cool robots, now what? RCC-Exhibit HallRenee White Meeting the ‘App’etite of Your Students RCC-Exhibit HallRachel Whitfield • Kristin Stroud Personalized Learning in the Specialist Classroom RCC-Exhibit HallCandace Styers STEM 1 School : 1 Book Project RCC-Exhibit HallJessica Tucker The Maker in You RCC-Exhibit HallHeather Kaiser District Showcase Poster Sessions RCC-Exhibit Hall



A Coaches Eye RCC-306BLeigh Hopkins A Copyless Classroom RCC-402Jason Mammano • Katherine Leatherman Blending Digital Annotation into Classroom Instruction: Tools & Strategies RCC-203Todd Cherner Earth Science: Beautiful Believable Barycenter, Perfect Precession Picture, and Super Spatial Space RCC-302AJeanine Dallimore Engagement with Assessments RCC-301BErin Kessel EnVISIONING the future with Micro:bits RCC 307Caren Long • Tanya Robinson-Freeman eSports in Education? RCC-202Dr. Ray Pastore Forcing Perspective One Human At a Time RCC-Ballroom ADarren Hudgins Full STEAM Ahead With Literacy! RCC-303Cindy Berry • Joseph Hayes Get Googley with the Triple E Framework RCC 302BBethany Seymour Holy Sheets! Google Sheets Activities for All Subjects RCC-Ballroom BEric Curts Learning and Creating with AR and VR RCC-301ATiffany Trent Littles Can Engineer Too! RCC-306CAshley Luersman • Elizabeth Sanders Merging Brain Research and Technology in 2020 RCC-204Debbie Owens • Thinking Maps Realize Your Blended Learning Vision: Reach Every Student Every Day with Raz-Plus RCC-206Sandi Reyes • Learning A-Z Ride the #WakeletWave to Tame the Teaching Tsunami RCC-302CJuliette Kuhn • Tanya Churchill • Katherine Heywood Seeing Student-Led News Through a New Lens RCC-305AStaci Bumgarner • Sara Mofford Standards Based STEM labs: Its not just a makerspace anymore. RCC-304Elizabeth Alderson Stations Gone Digital RCC-306ALilian Corbitt • Natalie Cook Who Should Be Memorialized? Powerful biography projects through PBL and 3D Modeling RCC-305BAshlie Hobson • Whitney Williams Why, What, and How of Esports in School RCC-201Curtss Strietelmeier • CDWG • CDWG #CS4NC: Expanding Computer Science Opportunities to All Students Sheraton-Governors 2Dr. Mary Hemphill • Sam Morris If we build it they will come: Curriculum, Collaboration in #GoOpenNC Sheraton-Hannover 1Pam Batchelor • Jill Darrough


NCWiseOwl - Supporting Best Practices for Your Schools! Sheraton - Hannover 1Cynthia Sartain A Process, a Hack, and a Tool Walk Into a Classroom... RCC-Ballroom BManuel Herrera Break It Down PBL Style RCC-302AChristine Mitchell • Cara Patterson • Natalie A Mercer • Donna Currie Check Your Digital Vision with EasyTech to Support the Digital Learning Standards RCC-206Tiffany Kinney • Learning.com Desmos for Elementary Math RCC-304Peter Hunt • Ryan Redd Digital Breakouts 101: Unlock Learning for Title I Scholars RCC-303Jessica Cosma Don't Fear the Inventory Audit RCC-202Chuck Mancuso • Hayes Software Systems Empowering Learning with Microsoft Teams RCC-305A GIRLS WHO CODE: The State of Girls in K-12 Computer Science Classrooms: Making the Case for Gender-Specific Education Policies RCC-204 How will you use Google Drawings in Canvas? RCC-306BAngela H Meekey If it's free, it's for me! Explore the world of OER! RCC-301BNatasha Von Klingler • Taylor Von Klingler Leading by Learning: Creating Apps and Writing Code to Demystify Computer Science RCC-306ABeth Helms Lessons Learned From My Hip Hop Heroes RCC-Ballroom ADee Lanier Making An Impact: Passion Projects for Students with Diverse Abilities RCC-307Leanne Gosey • Jackie Dirscherl More Than Meets the Eye: HyperSlides and Wakelet RCC-301AAngie McClung • Amber Garvey Spreading Your Digital Wings - Using Your Touchscreen Chromebook to Reach All Students RCC-402Eve Walker • Donna Pyatt STEAM Synergy - How to integrate science, tech, engineering, and more across your school RCC-302CChris Goodson • Jenna Markwith Tech or Not to Tech? That is the question. RCC-305BSeth Gearren • Carmen Brennan The "Beauty" of Connecting Literacy and 3-D Design RCC-302BAmy Hiatt • Craig Marze The Power of IXL from a Principal’s Point of View RCC-203Laura McDonald • IXL Learning Working With At-Risk Youth RCC-306CJohnathan Smith #CS4NC: Expanding Computer Science Opportunities to All Students Sheraton-Governors 2Dr. Mary Hemphill • Sam Morris IMADE3D and the JELLYBOX 3D Printer RCC-201Ladi Goc • IMADE3D LLC Putting the "T" in EquiTy" Marriott-State Ballroom BAmy Pearce Cracking the Codes - Digital Hybrid Breakout Experience Marriott-University AKristin White • Lilian Corbitt Hitting the Bullseye: Standard Aligned Assignments Marriott-State Ballroom AHillary Boutwell • Robert Batts SHADES of Summer: Seeing a Vision for PD Marriott-University CCharles Elliott • Kelly Meyering Where are you from?: How to Use Mystery Skype in Your School Marriott-University BMaggie Millwood • Shayla Thompson Graphic Novels Aren’t Just REAL Reading, They’re WOKE Reading! RCC-Ballroom CJennifer LaGarde




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