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#NCLearnsTogether, is a free, live, virtual conference FOR educators BY educators. Connect and learn from North Carolina teachers and more, who are successfully using virtual/distance learning tools and strategies. The schedule for NCLearnsTogether 3.0 is live!

Check out the 140+ sessions including: interactive webinars, virtual playgrounds, workshop, student panels, unconference/round tables,  dedicated leadership topics. With over 2 days of grassroots educator awesomeness, there will be something for everyone.

Organized by Adam Wiseman, Digital Learning and Innovation Coordinator, McDowell County Schools and Stacy Lovdahl, Educator on Loan, NCDPI Digital Teaching and Learning, our goal is to provide teachers with access to the expertise of North Carolina educators and beyond, who are successfully using virtual/distance learning tools and strategies.

With 140+ sessions over 2 days, there is something for everyone. CEU credit approval is subject to local Public School Unit approval). Visit bit.ly/nclearnstogetherpd for additional information.

Co-Sponsors: NCTIES and Trinity3

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avatar for Mollee Holloman

Mollee Holloman

DCS/Division of Digital Teaching & Learning
Innovative Learning Catalyst
Outer Banks, NC
Mollee is the Eastern Innovative Learning Catalyst (Educator on Loan) for the Division of Digital Teaching and Learning at NCDPI. She's worked as a school librarian in Dare County, and led workshops for NCDPI, NCCAT, NCSLMA and NCTIES conferences through the years. Her mission is to develop digital literacy alongside traditional literacy skills, and collaborate with a variety of educators in order to integrate digital learning in all disciplines. She is a graduate of UNC-CH and ECU (Masters in Library Science).


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